The Horses

With an uncanny ability to recognize a good horse and a passion for genetics, the NK Racing Team know how to pick winners! Currently, there are 62 horses in training and the yard boasts colts and fillies from prestigious stallions such as Silvano, Noble Tune, Give Me The Green Light, Master Of My Fate and many others.

The Jockeys

Carefully selecting each jockey, N.K Racing ensures they only work with reputable and talented jockeys such as the legendary 5000-time winner Pierre Strydom.

Another favourite is international rider Anton Marcus who has racked up an incredible 102 Grade1 wins in a long and illustrious career and is currently completing a century of top-level wins achieved in South Africa alone.

Being able to identify talent in the young jockeys, the N.K Racing team recently gave 22-year-old Gabrielle Pieterse his very first WIN on Springtime Breeze.

The results of each race prove the expertise of N.K Racing, not only their ability to pick good horses and train them exceptionally well but also the natural gift of recognizing talent and pairing the right riders with the right horses for each race.

Want to get into racing?

Getting involved in owning a racehorse is easier then you think!

Buying your own racehorse or investing in a horse, keeping an eye on his progress, and finally watching him thundering down the final straight in the lead is a very exciting and rewarding experience.

You do not need to have any experience in order to enjoy and participate in this sport. Racing offers an incredible amount of reward and fun! If you would like to own a horse or invest in a horse then get in touch with NK Racing for more info.